We have SS classes for every member of your family. From the nursery to the Senior Saints. All are welcome to attend every Sunday Morning at 10am.


Have you missed a service or maybe you would like to listen to a sermon that was preached from the pulpit of TIBC.

Click here to view our sermon page. Sermons by our pastor, missionaries or visiting preachers.


At Trinity Independent Baptist Church, we are working to rebuild our ministry in our community. We have restored an outreach to homes and businesses in Middleton, TN. If you see a beige door hangar on your front door, please take time to read it and consider visiting our services. That door hangar is evidence that someone cares enough for you and your family to walk down your street and place an invitation on your door. We don’t hire people to distribute these. Our folks have prayed over these and then put feet to their prayers by delivering it directly to you.


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